5 Lennox Place, Wetherill Park NSW 2164


An essential part of our company is our team, we are committed to encouraging personal development, acknowledging good performance and nurturing a positive team environment.

With each project the team is faced with individual requirements and use innovative solutions to provide the best outcomes for our customers while caring for our environment. We strive to adhere to our environmental policy to ensure we minimise harmful impacts on the environment.

By following our policy and implementing such standards below:

  • Providing mechanical and physical safeguards in keeping with the regulations and recognised standards.
  • Installing grey water treatment plant
  • Re-using stormwater runoff during construction for temporary services
  • Recycling waste materials where possible.
  • Providing designated areas for storage of fuel and/or chemicals.
  • Installing blackwater treatment plant
  • Keep the team up to date with relevant training to ensure they better recognise the best ways to minimise harmful impacts to our environment
  • Reducing dust in the workplace.
  • Managing stormwater run off.
  • Reducing noise where possible.
  • Installing re-use stormwater systems
  • Installing stormwater filtration plant