5 Lennox Place, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

About Us


All Hours Plumbing Group we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and on budget. We achieve this by driving efficiencies, working hard, being reliable and having an experienced team.

Andrew Tarabay is the founder and Director of All Hours Plumbing Group, his dedication has been fundamental to the success of the business. He takes a hands-on approach and gets involved in all aspects a project from new business to financial management, quality assurance, training and work health & safety.

Andrew’s years of experience combined with his extensive network makes him and ideal leader for All Hours Plumbing Group, this is also reflected in his dedicated and hardworking team.

Experience, Quality and Innovation.

“These are the core values of our company and which we strive towards past present and future. We meld modern technology with traditional values to provide quality hydraulic and plumbing solutions state wide.”


An essential part of our company is our team, we are committed to encouraging personal development, acknowledging good performance and nurturing a positive team environment.
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Work Health and safety for all employees is an essential part of our company. This is reflected in how works are conducted within the company, the training that is provided to the team and the outcome and quality of our services.
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All Hours Plumbing group’s objective is to provide quality of services with every project that they carry out, to ensure customer satisfaction which in turn brings repeat business.
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